Congratulations, DoubleMax!

While it’s true that fish populations are being reduced at the present, if fishing was as popular in the real world as it is in the gambling world, we’d have ran out of fish a long time ago. What then? There wouldn’t be any fish and chip restaurants, sushi would be boring without salmon, and divers wouldn’t have anything to gaze at when floating in the ocean. Without our aquatic relatives, the world would be a much sadder place. In any case, let’s recap. Yes, Yggdrasil Gaming has added yet another fishing-themed slot machine to their already vast library of gambling titles. A variant of the studio’s proprietary DoubleMax multiplication mechanism is smashed into the familiar money symbol fisherman catches in great Catch DoubleMax (great name, incidentally).

Nice Catch DoubleMax takes advantage of the fact that many people who go fishing also like being outside by providing a rural landscape in which to test their luck. For Nice Catch DoubleMax, we’re casting out to a beach where the sea is bright blue, the sand appealing, and you just know the temperature is probably warm. Above the low to mid-20s often experienced in enclosed public spaces such as shopping centers. It’s hard to decide whether to get your fishing gear ready and cast out, or to take off your clothes and go for a swim. For a day of virtual fishing, Yggdrasil Gaming has created a pleasant although unremarkable scene.

You may bait up in Nice Catch DoubleMax by betting anywhere from 20 pence to £/€20 every spin, activating the bonus Golden Bet, or jumping right into the deep end with the bonus purchase. The overall volatility has been rated as high, while the default RTP appears to be constant at 96.1%. It’s also possible to play Nice Catch DoubleMax on any mobile device.

Nice Catch has a see-through quality that makes it ideal for taking in the scenery. The playing field of DoubleMax consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, with a row of increasing multipliers along the top. The 243-ways-to-win pay structure triggers regular wins when three or more matching symbols land on successive reels from the left. Five of the standard low-paying card suit symbols will pay out at 0.5-0.6x the wager, while five swordfish, shoes, soda bottles, or old-school flip phones will pay out at 1-8x the stake.

Well Played, You Two: Slot Features DoubleMax

You need fish in order to call this a fishing hole. When fish do appear, they are worth real money. The values of any fish that appear on Reel 5 at the same time as the Fisherman symbol are added together and given.


Awards of fish rewards from left to right trigger the DoubleMax multiplier. The multiplier goes from x2 to x4, then x8, then x16, then x32, then x64, then x128, and finally x256. All spin wins will be multiplied by the bonus amount.

No Risk Turns

In the main game, you may win 8, 11, or 14 extra spins, respectively, when you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. There may be a pre-feature gamble option that lets you try to improve the amount of free spins you get. The DoubleMax multiplier remains in effect during a round of free spins. The round’s Scatter symbols disappear, but catching the fisherman symbol grants an extra free spin and instantly doubles the feature’s multiplier winnings.

Purchase Incentive

There are two ways for players to purchase additional free spins. Scatter symbols, which pay out anywhere from 3x to 5x the wager if they appear, can appear at random.

Good Call on the DoubleMax: The Slots Have It

Nice Catch DoubleMax may have been able to simulate a pleasant day at the lake, but it didn’t leave us itching to play it again any more than a landlocked angler would be itching to get out of the office and into the sunshine. However, given the widespread appeal of fishing-themed slot machines, it’s safe to assume that some eager cyber-anglers are already preparing to cast a line in Nice Catch DoubleMax. While the fish symbol gathering feature provides a new depth to the gameplay, this DoubleMax slot does not feel as expansive as the marlin that may have been if it had been developed further.

The DoubleMax is a big selling point, but it’s been used in other ways that are at least as excellent. The original and, perhaps, best of the bunch is still the Raptor DoubleMax. Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax by Bang Bang Games allows the principle to function in a typically themed slot scenario, and Florageddon! is a fascinating variant that bends the growing multiplier in a new way. Nice Catch DoubleMax may be more appealing to slot purists than the more experimental DoubleMax releases because it is, well, a fishing slot machine. However, the maximum win in this game is only 23,972 times the wager, which is less than half of what is attainable in some of its brothers due to the restricted multiplier.

Nice Catch DoubleMax should have enough going for it to merit further inspection by fans of fishing-themed slot machines in which a dependable fisherman gathers money symbols on the player’s behalf. The new doubling factor should ensure that. The converse is also true; if these “catch of the day” segments have grown tiresome, you probably won’t find anything here to change your mind.

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